Why Sudoe Stop CO2?

Most of the towns/cities and urban areas in Europe containing have at least a bus/coach or/and a railway station built in the city centre. Many of these facilities and their surroundings show an extremely high density of vehicles which combined with an inadequate connection with urban transport networks in terms of energy efficiency, and the lack of planning and energy management policies in these facilities (often linked to a matter of competences and ownership), generate an impact on the urban environment, far from the goals proposed by the EU. In addition to it, the current situation closes an opportunity window to change people behaviour, as the transport facilities should be a key factor to influence people minds in a transition to a sustainable way of living, in which the collective transport should play a basic role.

Specific target

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Improving energy efficiency policies and the use of renewable energy sources in public buildings and housing through the implementation of networks and joint experimentation.


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The project aims to create an evaluation tool which will allow assessing the energy efficiency of transport stations through environmental energy systems such as BIM that will enable to determine both consumption and appropriate potential solutions to be applied in order to reach a more sustainable building management.


Expected outputs

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  • To include transport facilities such as bus/coach stations as a key issue in the local policies on sustainability and environmental protection, not only as a link in the mobility chain but a main aspect regarding to the whole energy efficiency of urban areas. 
  • Dissemination of Good Practices aiming to a generalization of renewable energies and promotion of collective transport in urban centres linked to the introduction of energy-efficient modes of transport and clean vehicles.  
  • To create an evaluation tool to assess energy efficiency in transport stations. 
  • Spreading Good practices in order to achieve energy efficiency in transport infrastructures as an example for other productive sectors.
  • Definition of a frame of recommendations to relevant institutional bodies, decision and policy makers.

Sustainable Station Network

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Budget - ERDF budget

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Budget: 1.173.791,17 €

ERDF budget: 865.555,22 €