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WP1 – State of the art

This work package will provide the partners with an actual baseline to assess the energy efficiency situation. The study will include a legal framework and a transport station inventory in the SUDOE space.
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WP2 – Simplified Energy Audit Methodology - Stations for sustainability Network - STOP CO2

Main goal: Improve energy management through a simplified certification tool which will lead to the creation of a station network with sustainable business models.
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WP3. Research & Innovation on energy efficiency applied to transport station management.

Research actions aiming to obtain innovative solutions that will improve energy efficiency in transport facilities through digital modeling which will enable building maintenance in the long term with high quality and accurate standards.
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WP4 - Pilot projects for improving energy efficiency in transport stations.

Pilot actions will be implemented in at least 5 transport stations aimed to test the feasibility of heoretical innovative proposals obtained in previous stages.
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