WP1 – State of the art

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This work package will provide the partners with an actual baseline to assess the energy efficiency situation. The study will include a legal framework and a transport station inventory in the SUDOE space.
May 20, 2017 00:00

WP1 aims to produce a description to assess the extent of the current existing problem in terms of energy efficiency in transport centers across the SUDOE territory.

The study will provide the following information:

  • Legal framework (national /regional) regulating energy issues in transport stations.
  • Energy situation of transport stations in every SUDOE city counting more than 50.000 inhabitants. The report will assess different items such as energy certification, renewable energies use, etc.
  • Identification of public authorities and stakeholders in charge of transport stations management in order to implement energy efficiency improvement actions.  
  • Identification of existing good practices in the field of energy management applied on transport stations to reduce energy costs.  

Reports resulting from this work package will be available on-demand. Interested people should send their request through our contact section.