WP2 – Simplified Energy Audit Methodology - Stations for sustainability Network - STOP CO2

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Main goal: Improve energy management through a simplified certification tool which will lead to the creation of a station network with sustainable business models.
May 19, 2017 13:13

Most of the buildings used as transport stations (bus/coach and railway) have not an energy certification. Besides, due to their operational requirements, the results of a standard energy audit will not often show a positive image of the building.   This work package proposes the definition of a simplified audit system to classify the stations according to new efficiency energy standards.

Base on the aforementioned system, a station network working for a sustainable business model. We foresee the network will include most of the transport station in the SUDOE territory. The energy performance will help the building managers to have a better knowledge of their energy management deficiencies, become more sustainable, and inform the users about the energy conditions of the facilities.