WP5 Results - Best practice guide

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Guidelines for a sustainable management of energy in transport facilities
June 25, 2019 13:37

Being aware of our responsibility to deal with the new social, economic and environmental challenges, it is time for us to take decided actions to fight against climate change.

Transport stations should be exemplary not only for their situation in the heart of the cities but also for their activity as a public service. So, they must become key agents in the energy transition towards a new low-carbon economy.

This manual is addressed, first, to station managers, but must be also an example for owners and managers of buildings belonging to other sectors, guiding them towards an efficient energy management.

The information included in this guide, shows the results of the different tasks carried out under the SUDOE Stop CO2 project, aiming to improve energy efficiency in transport stations across the SUDOE territory. The document also presents the network of sustainable stations created for the exchange of good practices.